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Прогноз евро доллар на завтра, аналитика EUR/USD, технический анализ и рекомендации по открытию позиций.

Tag: EUR/USD Forecast
Forex forecast EURUSD for a week, euro to dollar exchange rate on January 25-29

The Euro / Dollar currency pair starts the trading week with quotations of 1.2250. In the medium term, the quotes of the EUR / USD currency pair are in a rollback in relation to a multi-month upward trend. The trend line was broken in the first week of January. However, the bearish trend for the […]

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Euro Dollar EUR / USD forecast for the week of January 18 - 22, 2021

Last trading week the EUR/USD currency pair was in a downtrend, when the recent statements of the almost inaugural President Joe Biden supported the dollar rate. In the US, they said they would print another $ 2 trillion to flood the stock market and increase liquidity in general in the financial markets. Throughout the autumn […]

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EUR/USD forecast Euro Dollar for today 01/13/2021

The euro dollar forecast for today, January 13, is written early in the morning, during the Japanese session. Current quotes EUR / USD - 1.2200. This is the so-called "round level", and right now, on the other side of the monitor, the forex director is deciding where to direct the euro dollar rate. The short-term […]

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Euro Dollar (EUR USD) analysis and forecast for today January 12, 2021

With the beginning of the European session on the morning of 01/12/2021, the euro dollar EUR / USD rate is at the level of 1.2160. The EUR / USD quotes previously went beyond the boundaries of the ascending channel, and also broke through the Ichimoku cloud from top to bottom. The signal lines of the […]

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EUR / USD forecast Euro Dollar for Monday January 11, 2021

Forex euro dollar forecast for Monday, January 11 is written before the end of the trading session on Friday. The current EUR / USD rate at the moment is 1.2245. The euro dollar quotes have broken through the lower border of the ascending channel, and the eurodollar price is inside the Ichimoku cloud. Additional confirmation […]

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Forecast Euro dollar EUR / USD for tomorrow January 4, 2021

The trading session of the week the euro against the dollar opened with a small gap up, and now the EUR / USD rate is at the level of 1.2240. The quotes of the main currency pair are inside the ascending channel for the second month already. This week does not bode well yet. The […]

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Euro dollar EUR / USD forecast for tomorrow 12/29/2020, analytics and trading signals

Forecast for the dollar (EUR / USD) for tomorrow, December 29, 2020. At the time of writing the forecast for the euro dollar for tomorrow, the quotes of the currency pair are at the level of 1.2220. The movement of the euro is multidirectional, the price is in a narrowing triangle with a gradually damping […]

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