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Chart Swiss Franc (USD / CHF) online + forecast for tomorrow

USD / CHF chart in real time. USDCHF chart online. Swiss Franc exchange rate for today. A streaming chart of the Swiss Franc against the US dollar, with new data coming in real time. Swiss Franc course online. Time of the schedule is GMT.

USD / CHF rate chart - daily. One division (one candle) corresponds to a full day (24 hours). You can change the timeframe (chart period) yourself, in its upper left part. Starting with a one-minute chart and ending with a monthly rate chart (one candlestick corresponds to the movement range of a currency pair for a full month).

(Wait, the chart will load in a few seconds)

The most common type of presentation of the chart of the Swiss Franc quotes USD / CHF is a candlestick chart (Japanese candlesticks). You can change to bars, USD / CHF line chart, Renko chart, Kagi, and so on.
For your convenience, you can add one of the many technical analysis indicators to the chart.


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