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Ark cryptocurrency chart ARK/USD online

The Ark to us dollar (ARK/USD) exchange rate today. ARK/USD quotes online. Real-time streaming chart. Cryptocurrency charts online. Time on the chart of the ARK/USD GMT+0. Data BITTREX.
Daily Ark chart. One division (one candle) is one day.
The timeframe (the time interval of quotes on the chart) can be changed independently, in the upper left part of the chart. From 1 minute to 1 month.
To update the schedule Ark online isn't needed, the prices are delivered in real time.

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The Ark project was launched at the end of 2016. A huge team of 27 people is working on its launch and further promotion. Ark defines his mission as the proliferation of blockchain technologies among the broad masses of the population.

Note that Ark is not a traditional virtual currency. It is an entire ecosystem, a safe platform for adaptation. The company has ambitious plans: promoting mass adoption of crypto money by offering the tools that will be useful and demanded by users. The new project has its own currency – ark coin.

Project team

As already noted, a huge team of 27 professionals in the field of blockchain technologies was engaged in the development of this project, most of which were previously involved in the creation of large – scale projects.

Among the experts who created the Ark, Francois Quasie, which has long served as the chief programmer of electronic currency Lisk, and now manages the development division, Ark. Also, the team was joined by professionals who previously were engaged in the development of Bitshares network infrastructure.

Ark features

The company positions itself as a platform that will deliver services that are in demand by users and useful for developers. The Ark is supported by the delegated proof-of-stake Protocol.

Ark has a powerful core that allows transactions with an eight-second block time. In addition, the project is characterized by complete decentralization. Ark is also working to ensure anonymity.

Ark features do not end there. The project also uses its own SmartBridge technology, allowing Ark to communicate with other blockchain technologies.

In addition, a large number of tools from this project are in development, the purpose of which will be the distribution of not only their own cryptocurrency, but also digital money in General.

To explain more clearly than good Ark, we list its advantages:

  • decentralization and anonymity;
  • high reliability level;
  • decent level of protection;
  • the universality of its currency;
  • constant work on the development of new services and tools.

However, ark's disadvantages also exist:

  • there is always a chance of losing investment;
  • possibility of hacking;
  • the lack of electronic money, which greatly complicates the prediction of further development of the coin.

However, to be honest, these disadvantages apply not only to Ark, but also to other crypto money.

Prospects for the development of the virtual currency Ark

Ark is a young but very promising project. Its developers have an ambitious goal: to create a completely new blockchain technology that will be available even for the most inexperienced users.

Experts working on the development of the project suggest that its further improvement will allow the platform to provide users with such opportunities:

  • payment for goods or services from any point of the Earth;
  • convert Ark tokens to other currencies – both cryptographic and real;
  • create customized maps that will have ultra-reliable protection;
  • the introduction of the bonus program for holders of tokens.

Note that everything that is done by the Ark project team is done with a single goal – to create a single system that combines a variety of services and tools. If they succeed, the support of the society and the high liquidity of the ark cryptocurrency are provided.


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