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Ardor chart ARDR/USD online

Course Ardor to the U.S. dollar (ARDR/USD) today. Quotes ARDR/USD online. Real-time streaming chart. Cryptocurrency charts online. Time on the chart of the course ARDR / USD GMT+0. Data POLONIEX.
Chart Ardor of the day. One division (one candle) is one day.
The timeframe (the time interval of quotes on the chart) can be changed independently, in the upper left part of the chart. From 1 minute to 1 month.
To update the schedule online Ardor not needed, the prices are delivered in real time.

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You just have to save the page to your favorites so that you can return to it and, if necessary, find out the current prices of Ardor cryptocurrency.

What is ardor cryptocurrency?

Ardor is the next stage in the development of the Nxt platform, development of custom in the direction of the subsidiary chains (ChildChain) and high performance in a compact blockchain.

The Ardor platform solves two main problems of cryptocurrencies, which their developers prefer to close their eyes to. This is a huge, continuously growing blockchain, and low performance (number of transactions per second).

Along the way, solved the issue of trade Asset for Asset in built into the platform Ardor distributed exchange Asset Exchange.
The Ardor platform solves the performance problem with the help of child coins (sidechains). Any business will be able to create its own currency, the Commission can be paid in this local currency (not in the ARDR). The currency Creator will decide which subset of Nxt functionality he needs, for example, he can refuse Mixing. Transactions in this set of sidechains will be executed in parallel, which will ensure high overall performance.

To ensure the safety of the child blockchains, the forcing of all blocks is carried out in a separate compact blockchain (ARDR), in which only the hashes of all blocks of all sidechains will be stored. In fact, core-developers offer a performance problem to solve through virtualization (parallel execution of user processes): ARDR is a thin hypervisor type Hyper-V, and sydeny is a virtual machine (different guest OS).

Features of Ardor platform

Solutions for scaling. Any blockchain that has a tendency to rise, and in this regard his work slows down. To solve this problem, ardor developers have made two chains: parent – Ardor, and child-Ignis. The Ardor chain is responsible for network security and does not have a large functionality, and Ignis has all the necessary functionality to build the necessary network capabilities.

Setup for business. Ardor is an ecosystem that wants to be easy to understand and reliable for business development. To do this, Ardor uses "Blockchain as a Service", which is ready to install and run. Ardor wants to be something similar for business, as WordPress has become for website developers. Using Ardor, any company or enterprise will be able to create their own coins, for the transfers of which they will receive their Commission, and for their work to choose only the necessary functions.


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