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Gold rate today. XAU/USD chart online

XAU/USD chart online in real time. Online quotes XAU/USD. The price of gold XAU/USD for today.
Dynamics of gold prices for the day, month and year. Archive of quotations XAU/USD. Gold quotes XAU/USD online in the Forex market.
Daily schedule. One division (one candle) is one day.

You can change the timeframe on the chart (the time interval of quotes) by yourself. To do this, click the small inverted triangle at the top left of the graph (next to 1H. and 1D). Available time interval - from 1 minute to 1 month each candle.
There is no need to update the XAU/USD chart online, new prices are received in the chart in streaming mode, in real time.

(Wait, the chart will load in a few seconds)

You just have to save the page to your favorites, so you can return to it and, if necessary, find out the current price of gold XAU/USD.

The XAU USD rate reflects the value of One Troy ounce of gold, expressed in us dollars. A Troy ounce of gold is 31.103 grams.
Historically, gold has been considered the most important and most liquid saving tool in the world. There are physical gold (gold bars of different sizes that you can buy in the Bank) and paper (exchange unsecured speculative contracts). Currently, one contract of real gold on the exchange accounts for speculative turnover in 1000 contracts of paper gold.

XAU/USD chart-features

Externally, the XAU/USD gold chart is no different from other Forex currency pairs. The same UPS and downs. However, it is necessary to take into account several fundamental and technical factors.

Competition with us dollar. As a means of accumulation (saving) gold directly competes with the dollar. The Federal Reserve (fed) is a private Bank that controls the entire global financial system through its green bill. One of the axioms of the fed - gold should be cheap. The dollar should be used as a means of accumulation. That is why the price of paper gold is poorly correlated with the real value of physical gold.

Gold is very volatile. Beginners in Forex is not recommended to try to trade gold XAU/USD immediately on a real account. The nature of changes in the price of gold within the day-very aggressive. Imagine a wild unbroken horse, which you have to ride right now. That's about how gold behaves-it is a very dangerous trading tool.

The price of gold XAU/USD at the time of this writing - $ 1,100 per Troy ounce. The minimum price of gold XAU / USD was in 1999 - 252 dollars. This was followed by a decade of rapid growth - in 2011, the price of gold reached $ 1,900 per Troy ounce.

Investment in gold

How to invest in gold? Buy a gold bar / gold coin 999.9 samples. The weight of the ingot, of course, depends on your financial capabilities. To choose 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1,000 grams. Gold you can leave in the savings Bank, having concluded the contract of storage. Or take home. It should be borne in mind that buying gold bars, you immediately pay VAT. So it is not cheap to have a gold bar in your hands / safe. VAT does not apply to coins.

Can you earn money by trading gold on Forex?

Possible. Trading gold on Forex, you can even get rich, at times increasing your initial capital for a few trading transactions. And you can lose everything. So start small, you can not enter the gold immediately in full force.


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